... to kennel Dejachtwachter

We are Luc & Anita and we have been breeding dogs with pure blood lines for 40 years


It has been 10 years now, since Luc who is a game keeper, has found his true love for a smaller breed:

in the wirehaired miniature dachshund, for the haunt on foxes and the English Springer Spaniel, an allrounddog and excellent for haunting.


...using the contact page or more than welcome after a call at 0477 / 55.01.42 or 0471 / 43.83.70


Pups Evie     Pups Evie

Pups Evie     Pups Evie

Pups Tekkel     Pups Tekkel

Pups Tekkel     Pups Tekkel

Wirehaired miniature chocolate brown

Fanny     Fanny

2 Teckel pups, born on the 8 may 2013 - chocolate brown

Pups Flash De Jachtwachter